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Deliverables: Supply Formats

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We are capable of accepting assets in numerous formats but preferred deliveries below: If there any queries, don't hesitate to contact one of our helpful team.


Complete AV editing service including graphics, subtitling and finishing

Our experienced and talented team of specialists offer all of the post-production skills to realise your creative vision under the one roof. With multiple edit suites (Edius, FCP, Clipster) our video editors can handle all offline and online requirements including burning in subtitles and grading in DaVinci Resolve. Audio post, mixing and finishing to broadcast specs is handled in ProTools or WaveLab. Our creative design team offer an in-house solution for graphics from credit rolls and supers through to motion graphics and 3D work. Through our partnership with the SubStation can offer accessibility for your content with the best practice in Closed Captions and Audio Description services.


Library management and delivery

Distribution of content these days means more than just making discs, so Motionlink provides a complete content management service for our clients: distributing masters in all formats to VOD clients, TV sales and cinemas. Through our partnership with Juice Worldwide we can offer direct-to-live delivery of all iTunes products including Extras and have a preferred vendor status for Netflix, Google and many other platforms. All titles that have been signed off as part of our stringent QA process are archived; from these masters we can master out to mezzanine files for digital delivery and/or tape dubs. All masters are tracked in our database and material can by delivered to any broadcast spec required. Our dedicated fibre link and in-house FTP server offers our clients a quick, secure digital delivery option.


DCP Mastering and Logistics for cinema releases

Since 2009, Motionlink has been mastering Digital Cinema in our fully DCI-compliant DVS Clipster suite: the fastest, most reliable solution on the market. We handle all kinds of projects including 3D feature films, multi-lingual subtitled releases and quick turnaround commercial work. We archive all DCPs, and manage distribution to cinema through physical drives or digitally via satellite, with full tracking of our clients' valuable content and library maintenance. Encryption and KDM management is a common request, locking a DCP to nominated sites and release windows. We maintain 24 hour support, a detailed database of cinema sites and copy protection certificates as well as a reasonable pricing model to ensure that protecting your content doesn't break your bank.


Advanced mastering for all forms of disc

Motionlink is among the finest authoring houses in the world, reliably producing hundreds of masters every month, including many of the biggest titles in the Australian market. With two 3D-capable Blu-ray systems and six Scenarist DVD seats our expert team can always handle that extra project. From project management and the creative flair of our designers through to advanced compression methods and strict workflow of authoring and QC; every part of the process is handled to the highest standards.


Detailed planning from concept to completion

Our service is more than just editing, mastering and logistics. Motionlink's creative and production team forms an integral part of our client's business, managing projects from initial purchase of rights and deliverables, through to cinema distribution and beyond to the home entertainment and VOD markets. We contribute to the marketing collateral of our clients, with a responsive attitude to producing materials on time and proactive ideas for campaigns. For emerging film-makers, we offer sound technical expertise and commercial advice to help bring their content to market. Through our partnership with Juice, we can offer aggregation to platforms including iTunes and Netflix. Complete distribution options for cinema and disc are also available; with in-house duplication and accounts with major replicators and printers.


Quality assurance for content and interfaces

All content produced at Motionlink goes through proven quality-assured processes and we are experienced in meeting the demanding standards of iTunes, Netflix and broadcasters. Our dedicated QC staff combine experience and attention to detail with professional QC tools. All Digital Cinema mastering adheres to the strict DCI guidelines for video and audio. All disc titles are run through a comprehensive player matrix to ensure compatibility in the market. Once faults in source material have been discovered and removed, we archive a mezzanine 'QA master' for use in all production and for future deliveries such as VOD. All archived data is catalogued and backed up offsite. Our secure alarmed facility has 24/7 security and offers the ideal place to store content for all your future distribution needs.

customer references

Motionlink consistently outperform our expectations. Not only are they competitive, they communicate effectively and perform professionally.

Tim Whincop - Manager, Hillsong Music

Motionlink has always and continues to give such fantastic serviceā€¦ nothing is ever too much for them. Loyalty is easy when you get looked after so well.

Nick Cooke - Director, Eagle Entertainment

The Motionlink team have shown grace under pressure when deadlines and fault lines collide as they sometimes do.

Gil Scrine - Owner, Antidote Films

We're proud of our association with the team at Motionlink. They're dedicated, proactive, responsive and most of all, terrific to work with.

Huw Perkins - Manager, Pinnacle Films